Pedestrian Infrastructures


Los Angeles is part of a global and regional network. Infrastructures work independently to transport and connect different destinations for people, consumer products, and natural systems. Regionally, Los Angeles relies on systems to transport millions of vehicles, people, consumerist products/waste and gallons of run off water every hour. These systems ensure Los Angeles remains a vital global economic city.

The infrastructure systems of Los Angeles through out city history have failed to achieve a cohesive planning strategy, instead establishing single purpose systems that deplete natural systems and resources, disconnect communities, increase pollution, reduce open spaces and reduce pedestrian scale systems. These reasons and the overall need for open space in Los Angeles can attribute to exploring the possibilities of blending, morphing and integrating systems of infrastructure to increase, repair, and strengthen natural and pedestrian systems.

The area of Los Angeles – Lynwood Compton Paramount Downey provides a site with all the conditions to fully explore the possibilities of changing the scale of infrastructure to address the needs of the city at all scales.

Landscape Infrastructure